Welcome to Leesville Road Track & Field!!!

Indoor Track & Field:

  • Season is 10/30-2/9.
  • Details on Tryouts will are posted here.
  • We train outdoors mostly, weather dependent.
  • We will have several meets, all optional, some require travel, entry spots will be limited (many athletes may not compete, be flexible).
  • We have a State Championship on 2/9 – no Regionals, CAP6 Championship is TBD.
  • True Indoor competitions are on a 200m oval, indoors.
  • Outdoor meets are on a 400m oval, called “Polar Bear Meets.”
  • Athletes are allowed to double in other sports, and focused participation will usually receive priority on meet entry assignments.

Indoor Team:

  • After completing a Tryout or Skills Evaluation, a roster spot may or may not be offered to athletes.
  • We try to keep as many athletes as we can effectively coach and train.
  • We try to place athletes in areas where they are competitive or where they can grow to become competitive.  Be flexible.
  • If you are not offered a roster spot, we encourage you to train and develop on your own.  You are free to use any resources posted to the website, and you are free to try out another season.
  • After being offered a roster spot, you will be assigned to a primary Indoor Coach:
    • Coach Gamble (Distance & Mid-Distance)
    • Coach Tanferno (Sprints & Hurdles)
    • Coach Cobin (Throws)
    • Coach Beck (Pole Vault & Horizontal Jumps)
    • Athletes might train and compete with multiple coaches.
    • Athletes may be rotated in events to help the team.
  • When you are at practice, be respectful, be attentive, do not be distracting to others, and be ready to work.  Athletes who cannot do this will be dismissed for the practice session for that specific day (or multiple days if needed).  We want to maximize the development of athletes who want to participate, focus, and improve.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to coach.gamble@icloud.com