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This is a tentative schedule. Indoor Track & Field is a Winter Sport. Polar Bear meets are run outside, and they are subject to favorable weather conditions which can improve or degrade quickly in the winter. Indoor meets are in Winston-Salem — they involve travel and are subject to favorable traveling conditions. As coaches, we reserve the right to add or remove meets with short notice. Athlete entries are decided by coaches — if there is a meet of interest, please make sure that a coach is aware that you are (1) available and (2) interested. Actual Indoor meets tend to be restricted with entries and based on competitive marks — the best way to be considered is to work on individual marks and cover a wider range of events (flexibility). Coaches also attempt to match the quality of our team against the quality of our competition and needs for post-season advancement, and this may affect events and athletes chosen in any specific meet. If you have questions, please contact Coach Gamble.