Tuesday 9/19
WakeMed Soccer Park
101 Soccer Park Dr
Cary, NC, 27
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Admission = None

Boys Race at 5:00pm (arrive by 4:00pm)
Girls Race at 5:30pm (arrive by 4:30pm)

All available Leesville Road XC athletes, plan to race.

Mini-bus transportation availabile after school.
Leaving at 3:15pm — Be at Stadium Bus Area by 3:10pm.
Seating limited, let Coach Gamble know if interested.

At WakeMed Soccer Park, meet at top of hill (across from Finish Line), along wood fence area.

Volunteer Signups: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0C4FACA82DA57-lrhs6

  • From the start you head downhill for approximately 550m.
  • It runs flat until about the 1050 mark.
  • There is a gradual, winding hill that is approximately 250m in length.
  • The course then flattens out for 150m then you head back down hill for 150m.
  • It runs flat for the next 150m, which brings you past the 1 mile mark.
  • You then head back up the same hill that you started down.
  • After cresting the hill at the starting line, you run flat for approximately 450-500m. Then the course heads down hill, and you begin a series of fairly steep rolling hills (2) that are crested just as you reach the 2 mile mark.
  • There is a long gradual downhill for approximately the next 300m.
  • The course runs flat from about 3600m until about the 4400m mark.
  • The final climb is running up the starting hill one last time and then you run flat for the last 90m into the finish.